Little Stars Room


Our Little Stars room is for our youngest children and can take up to 9 children, aged between three months and two years of age, with a one to three ratio.   



In our Little Stars room we try to ensure a home from home environment, following children’s normal daily routines as much as possible. We believe it is important for our youngest children to have some home comforts and ask you to provide a home drinking cup and bedding as well as any special comforters, these simple items help to settle children and reassure them.  On collection, you will be given a daily record sheets, which reports about your child’s day, the food they have eaten, nappy changes etc.


We like to work closely with parents and others involved with the child. Close partnerships allow all the important information about the child to be shared, reflected upon and acted upon. The expertise and experience of both parents and early year’s educators are valuable and they have most value when they are shared.


The Baby Room works alongside the Pre-Birth to Three Framework. We provide a variety of age appropriate sensory learning experiences and exploratory play.