getting it right for every child


settling in

At Little Scallywags Nursery, we offer all children induction sessions in order to help them develop relationships and familiarise themselves with the environment, as well as to support parents through this transition.  These sessions can be arranged over a period of a couple of weeks.  Below is the nursery template for settle visit, however we see each child as an individual and this template can be modified to meet all individual’s needs. 

what to bring

1st settle visit

One hour, with parent/carer


2nd settle visit

Two - three hours, no parent/ carer


3rd settle visit

10am – 2pm* (over lunch period), no parent or carer

* This is the ideal time but any four hour session can be accomodated.

Cost - £15

4th settle visit

If needed, children can repeat settle 3.

Room Transitions

As children all develop at different stages you will be asked to discuss any transitions between rooms with your child’s keyworker or a member of the management team. This is an important stage to get right for your child and we feel staff, children and parents should agree as to how and when this happens.  When a child is ready to step up, we suggest a few short inductions should take place in the new room during normal sessions. This is initially with your child’s key worker and then independently. Space will always be kept in the room they are moving from should they need to return after a short visit or for some reassurance and support. 

When your child moves from the Little Stars to the Shinning Stars room there is a slight reduction in nursery fees. These fees will be altered the month after your child turns two years old.

School Transitions

We work very closely throughout the year with Crieff Primary School Nursery.  During each summer term the nursery staff develop a yearly plan enabling all children transitioning to the school or those due to start split placements to visit once a month.  This program enables our children to become familiar with staff and the school environment as well as develop new friendships. This is also a time where our nursery staff and the school teacher can share professional information on children’s progress and needs. 

If your child is due to transfer to another local school we will endeavour to support them in any way we can, however this can only be on the invitation of the school.